Smart CO2 indicators


Type Professional

Type PlugIn

CO2 monitoring devices for industrial and Covid19 applications

Continuous monitoring of the CO2 concentration of the ambient air
Local visual (LED) and acoustic indication when customizable thresholds are passed
Sensor data are transmitted to a cloud service for further processing and management
NDIR based CO2 sensor with cloud connectivity for indoor usage
Optional device modifications with companion sensors, like ambient light sensor, temperature/humidity may be used for

  • Dimming the visual indicators during night, to minimize light pollution
  • Plug-In: focused on acoustic feedback ( for hidden mounting )
  • Professional: focused on visual signal

Key features of the sensors

Sensing CO2 concentration in indoor environment (IP20) with LED indication for
reaching customizable thresholds (e.g. > 1000 ppm yellow, > 2000 ppm red)

  • Sigfox, LoRaWAN or proprietary subGHz (868 MHz) communication with control or monitoring service
    (direct or via cloud) for multiple rooms in buildings
  • Operating conditions:
    + 5°C .. +45°C, 5 ..90% humidity
  • CO2 concentration: 400 .. 5000 ppm
  • Applications: CO2 Alarm for reaching hazardous thresholds
  • Classrooms, Meeting-Rooms, Offices
  • Factory floor, Cooling houses, Storage rooms for drink container pressurized with CO2

Plug-In features

  • Temperature, ambient-light sensor.
  • Silent Mode ( = acoustic signaling off until next power-up or sever alarm )

Professional features

  • LED dimming during ambient “darkness”
  • Various threshold may be set ( school, medical, industrial, custom )

Cloud service

  • Smart cloud technlogy provides
  • Simultaneous monitoring in all rooms of the building
  • Central control of CO 2 thresholds and temperature
  • Alarm on mobile device, if thresholds are reached
  • Documentation of daily status
  • No WLAN necessary
  • simple setup  ( just mount and go )

Further customizations

  • LoRaWAN instead of Sigfox – available now
  • Customized thresholds for CO2 indication / alarm
  • Adjustable transmission-rate and transmission triggering ( adjustable sending schedule, on value change, on alarm )
  • Operation up to 10.000 ppm possible
  • Optional additional sensors, e.g. atmospheric pressure
  • remote setting of alarm threshold
  • remote control of acoustic signal ( e.g. silent mode )
  • remote CO2 sensor
  • different housings
  • any other customization


Q: What networks are availiable?

A: Sigfox off the shelf
LoRaWAN off the shelf
NBIoT on demand

Q: What transmission interval?

A: shortest interval is every ten minutes, when using Sigfox
min. transmission interval allowed by LoRa specification.
Hence, 10 minutes intervall is sufficient but can also be customized to other transmission schemes that are fullfilling the regulations.

Q: Is it availiable for usage outside of EU?

A: not yet, but possible

Q: What supply voltage?

A: 230V AC