Our Partners for...

...Semiconductors and Development Tools

The Sigfox and SubGHz RF-modules of XoverIoT the SIGFOX-MOD1-E, the SIGFOX-MOD1-C and the development tool SIGFOX-USB2-C are implementing the full Sigfox BOM of STMicroelectronics, including a STM32 Ultra Low Power MCU, the low-power RF-transceiver S2-LP or transmitter S2-LPTX and the Balun BALF-SPI2-01D3.

...IoT Connectivity

XoverIoT has been nominated by Sigfox for their Partner Network, which recognizes the best Sigfox solution providers demonstrating top-class performance in terms of Technology, Quality, Easy-To-Use and Sigfox compliant RF-performance


The modules SIGFOX-MOD1-E, and the SIGFOX-MOD1-C of XoverIoT are available for ordering on the Arrow on-line catalogue.

Furthermore XoverIoT is Arrow partner for development services

...integration services

XoverIoT is contributing to the Electronic Design and Manufacturing Services of DigiKey.

We provide customer specific RF and IoT designs, either as engineering or one stop supplier, whatever fit’s best to your needs and applications.

...data logger solutions

XoverIoT can integrate embedded sensor device and
connectivity solutions from embetic. e.g. bluetooth based sensors and dataloggers for monitoring of concrete drying