Our Partners for...

...Semiconductors and Development Tools

The Sigfox and SubGHz RF-modules of XoverIoT the SIGFOX-MOD1-E, the SIGFOX-MOD1-C and the development tool SIGFOX-USB2-C are implementing the full Sigfox BOM of STMicroelectronics, including a STM32 Ultra Low Power MCU, the low-power RF-transceiver S2-LP or transmitter S2-LPTX and the Balun BALF-SPI2-01D3.

...IoT Connectivity

XoverIoT has been nominated by Sigfox for their Partner Network, which recognizes the best Sigfox solution providers demonstrating top-class performance in terms of Technology, Quality, Easy-To-Use and Sigfox compliant RF-performance


The modules SIGFOX-MOD1-E, and the SIGFOX-MOD1-C of XoverIoT are available for ordering on the Arrow on-line catalogue.

Furthermore XoverIoT is Arrow partner for development services