Smart CO-Detector

GX-C300 Sigfox LoRaWAN

Industrial grade continuous monitoring of the CO concentration in ambient air

Local 2 x 16-character display of current CO Level on the base detector, and a LED and acoustic alarm, if CO thresholds are passed. Resolution down to 1ppm CO. Standard measurement CO range 0-330ppm.

Sensor data of the smart detector are transmitted to the Sigfox cloud or via proprietary sub-GHz protocol. A further cloud service for data processing and data management is offered by XoverIoT on demand. The CO detector includes a XoverIoT Module SIGFOX-MOD1-E, certified as “Sigfox verified” or a SUBGHZ-MOD1-E for subGHz.

2 potential free (HV/LV) 5A relay contacts are available to interface with other home equipment directly (e.g. ventilator or window opener) or building control systems. Visual and acoustic alarms happen locally, remote alarm by the Sigfox cloud service.
Fulfilling EN50291, the safety and stability of the base detector has been certified by TÜV Süd.

Modification of system to user demands possible.

Key features of the smart CO detector

Alarms, alive signal once a day, CO-Level on change of more than 30ppm, preventive maintenance of the CO sensor element.

Sigfox or proprietary subGHz (868 MHz) communication with control or monitoring service (direct or via cloud) for multiple rooms in buildings

• Operating conditions:

  • + 10°C .. +50°C, 10 ..90% humidity (non-condensing)
  • 230VAC /50Hz

• CO concentration: 0 .. 330 ppm (customized up to 1000 ppm)
• Accuracy: < 1% / < +/-2 ppm
• CO Alarm standard:

  • 50 ppm – 60 minutes
  • 100 ppm – 10 minutes
  • 300 ppm – immediate

• Temperature compensation and display of sensor temperature
• Applications: CO Alarm for reaching hazardous thresholds

  • Heating rooms with burners
  • Open fire places
  • Smoking clubs and Shisha bars
  • Factory floor

• Dimensions (in mm): 80 x 160 x 55
• Weight: 400gr
• IP Code: IP20

Roadmap information

The base version of the CO-detector is in production and more than 60k units are installed all over Europe up to now.

The next step of the smart detector (Sigfox or subGHz communication) is the final integration of an external antenna and the Sigfox ready certification of the complete detector.

Minimum order quantity for customized smart detector: 500 products

Prototypes are available

Cloud service

  • Smart cloud technology available on demand
  • Simultaneous monitoring in rooms of the building
  • Central control of CO concentration
  • Alarm on mobile device or building control system, if thresholds are reached
  • Documentation of daily status
  • No WLAN necessary
    Simple setup  ( just mount and go )

Further customizations

  • LoRaWAN, or WLAN instead of Sigfox and subGHz
  • Customized range of CO concentration up to 1000 ppm
  • Adjustable transmission-rate and transmission triggering ( adjustable sending schedule, on value change, on alarm )
  • Optional additional sensors, e.g. atmospheric pressure
  • Remote control of acoustic signal ( e.g. silent mode )
  • Remote CO sensor
  • Different housings, e.g. for OEM products
    Simple setup  ( just mount and go )
  • Other types of gas sensors can be added ( e.g. CH4 )
  • Option for suction of gas from another room ( e.g. sauna )